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In Today’s environment, it is quite important to establish a World Wide Web presence on the Internet,  the Internet has become a valuable and serious source for distributing, gathering and sharing information. With the number of Internet users growing rapidly daily, most people consider the Internet to be their primary source of information for products and services.


A website can be  a powerful tool for a business to have, as it would allow it to market and promote its products and services to a wider audience and should be viewed as a shop window on the world to be visited by anyone, anywhere at any time.


At AJF Web Designs, we believe that every business is unique and should have the opportunity to promote themselves,  that’s why each of our website designs are custom tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients, whether they are an Individual or  a small or medium sized company.


Our friendly service is dedicated to help produce websites with a distinctive look and feel, which should be a true extension of our clients existing business. Our websites are designed in close consultation with our clients to ensure that the final design reflects their business needs.

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